OUT & ABOUT: Rising Tide Panel


We were invited to speak on a panel this week (along with CJ Beats (1xtra) and Matthew Haynes) to discuss what its like being a producer in the industry. It wasn’t too long ago that we were attending panels like this. We have come far and there is so much more to achieve! Give back. #YouthProgrammes #Hackney




Me and Andrew worked in Sainsburys for 5+ years while building up our names in Music. Today we went back to the store we worked in and bought this album that has a track of ours on it. Tinie was on our list of people to have tracks out with back then.. Keep going for your goals and ignore the distractions. You’ll get there! And remember:
Say Nothing | Do Everything

NEW MUSIC: Quadron – Hey Love (BALISTIQ Remix)


Quadron is a duo from Copenhagen, Denmark that have been creating records together for half a decade. Showing that a single and the right push have the ability to make wonderful things happen, this funky pop jam was performed on Letterman, and has been remixed by Classixx, Ryan Hemsworth, Sinden, and Branko. Whoever curated these releases should get a gold star, in my professional opinion.
Though streams for these four records have been circulating for the past month, we have the amazing opportunity to premiere the final remix on this package from East London’s Balistiq. It’s a laid back trap tune that relies just as much on the vocals as it does the production, thus keeping the pop foundation. It’s emotional and wonderful, and wraps up the remix package wonderfully.
You can snag the entire release via Beatport here, or stream the premiere of the Balistiq remix below.

VIDEO: Pusha T – Pain

One of our favourites from ‘My Name Is My Name’ – big video to go with it. Pusha’s album campaign has been sick. Good music, good videos & imagery. Simple

INTERVIEW: G FrSH Interview for Hunger TV


The new video for ‘Never Can I’ – produced by Balistiq is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and experimental in the scene right now, mirroring G’s own embracing of a relentlessly creative and absorbing mind. That, even more than the music on LEGOMAN II, more than the price tag on his new Range Rover, is a mark of real development; and it’s to be congratulated.


STUFF: ARTST talk, Usher and Pharrell Williams

Good watch..

‘Success has a thousand fathers but Failure is an orphan’

Usher and Pharrell Williams sit down to talk about everything from the beginnings of his career to what makes him a magnetic performer and now his continuing roll as mentor to Justin Bieber. Then Pharrell introduces his protégée, Leah LaBelle, and they discuss the intuition that artists and producers must have to make great music.

STUFF: No Signal

At a party the other day, I saw a dead TV monitor. On the screen it said something like, “No signal… check power, cable and source selection…”

It doesn’t matter at all how hard the DVD player was trying to put on a show. It is irrelevant how good the show on cable was. If it’s not getting through, no one sees it.

All of us own our own media companies now. We each have the ability to speak up, to tell our stories, and if we’re good and if we’re lucky, to be heard.

Too often, though, there’s no signal. You may be pumping noise through your social media outlets, but noise isn’t signal. It’s merely a distraction. You’re talking, but you’re not saying anything, at least nothing that’s being heard.

You get to choose your story. If the story you’ve chosen doesn’t get through, it’s up to you to fix that. Pick a story that reflects your work, sure, but also one that resonates with the receiver.

- Seth Godin

STUDIO: Lolo & Balistiq


We were working with the lovely Lolo today at Sarm Studios. Heard some good stuff! Keep your ears peeled.

“Don’t worry I hate you too…”

STUFF: Going Viral

 The best approach is to not try to write things that will go viral.

No, the best approach is to write for just one person. Make an impact on just one person. Even better, make it so they can’t sleep that night unless they choose to make a difference for just one other person by sharing your message with them.

The rest will take care of itself.

- Seth Godin

STUFF: “the pursuit of dopeness.” By James Fauntleroy


Read the full post HERE

So much truth in this post, pretty much sums up what we say all the time…
The only music execs and critics should be people who have accomplished something in the field of music that deems them qualified and worthy – and even those people should step down if and when the day comes that they start thinking our success comes more from marketing and research than the actual product itself

LIVE: Elli Ingram @ Proud Camden


What a privilege it was to see Elli perform an acoustic set before her inevitable stardom.. and what a privilege it is to be a part of her story.

El’s was so comfortable up there and  really had fun with it – captivating.

Keep your ears peeled… @ElliIngram

LIVE: Sinead Harnett @ Concrete, Shoreditch


Just see our lil sis Sinead Harnett @ concrete. She performed the first song we ever did together ‘Enough’.

If you listen closely you can hear her on the back end of ‘ROXO’

Keep your ears peeled! @SineadHarnett